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Winning alley house designs will cost Nelson builders $ 1,000 – Nelson Star

The plans for the three winning designs in Nelson’s Alley House Design Competition will cost builders $ 1,000, the council decided at its Monday meeting.

These fees will allow the purchase of pre-approved plans for a municipal building permit. This will prevent homeowners from having to hire an architect or purchase stock plans online.

The cost would be passed entirely on to the designer of the house as a royalty. The plans are expected to be ready to buy by the end of March.

Winning entries are adaptable to flat or sloping terrain – a feature required in the competition specifications.

The competition also specified high standards in terms of energy efficiency and affordability.

Architect renderings and floor plans of the three winning designs are attached below.

The city received 29 nominations from across the country.

In contrast, according to city planner Alex Thumm at the council meeting, the City of Kelowna held an infill design competition in 2016 that drew 10 entries and the City of Edmonton’s 2019 infill design competition attracted 30 proposals in a competition open to the whole world.

In another rural-urban comparison, Nelson now has 24 lane house applications built or under construction, with 11 requests since 2018. In 2018, Nelson received 16 times more lane house requests per capita than Toronto.

Nelson also has nearly double the number of lane houses per capita than Vancouver, Thumm said.

Councilor Keith Page jokingly proposed that council pass a resolution to assert itself as the national lane capital of Canada.

Only property owners in the Town of Nelson will be eligible for the sale price set by council. Non-residents will need to negotiate a price directly with the original designer.

Laneway Housing Design Comp… through Bill Metcalfe on Scribd

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