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What first-time home builders should look at before building homes

Owning a home is always an exhilaration, but building a desired home for the first time would be exhilarating. However, building your own home can be a marathon, not fun. There will be a myriad of choices and it will be a standoff between wants, needs and compromise. But, the house building journey would bring distinctive emotions and feelings once the house building is completed and the dream come true.

Once the first time home builders decide to build their home, it shouldn’t be a bidding exercise. Since a lot of decisions have to be made, and those decisions should be made by you. If you are incompetent or reluctant, your builder will take matters into your own hands which will jeopardize the whole plan and the result will not be what you envisioned. It must be carefully handled from A to Z.

There are several things that need to be considered constructively before making one of the most vital decisions in your life. If the fundamentals are mastered, you can build your dream home smoothly.

Buy a plot of land

Buying land seems like a piece of cake, but you have to be careful because the devil is in the details. It is best to collect adequate information and verify it before purchasing the plot of land. First and foremost one needs to understand if the land is agricultural, and if so, it is not advisable to buy as there are many more complexities than other land to be registered.

If it is non-agricultural land, it is best to determine whether the land is suitable for building a house. It is quite a good idea to visit the local office and find out about the land and request a mapping of the area, which will give a fair idea of ​​any obstacles and future development around the land / plot.

Next, be sure in whose name the land is registered and whether it is subject to a mortgage.

Define the budget

The next step is to establish the budget. It makes sense to determine the budget from the first days itself, because it plays an important role in the outcome of building a house. If the budget is not planned in advance, it can get messy and the dream of building a house can stop. Once the monetary details are planned, everything will fall into place. The budget should be defined in three areas in particular, such as the budget for construction, furniture and finishing.

Design the house of your dreams with an architect

It will be the most decisive step and the significant person in the construction process that will bring the dream to reality. As the saying goes, never lie to a doctor and a lawyer, in the same way disclose to an architect the plan of your dream house and how it is to be built. The architect will visit the construction site and design according to the requirements which will also align with the condition of the land. They will also recommend selecting builders, hiring plumbers, electricians and the rest of the team. They will act as the project manager for the project who will work with the builders until completion.

How to appoint the right architect

Do you plan to hand over everything from the planning, interior design, furniture, etc., or are you also willing to share some responsibilities in the process? Depending on the need, you should look for an architect.

Specialization; There is a different specialization in architect since the industry is large. While everyone is equipped to handle residential construction, a residential project architect specialist would be the epitome of the project. Research on their specialization. Since there is so much to deal with, choosing the right architect who has substantial experience designing a residential home is extremely crucial.

Check their portfolio; It is essential to browse their portfolio to find out if their previous assignments are of interest to you and your plan. Each of them will have a unique style, but it must be in harmony with the design of your dreams.

Look for references and meet the architect; Their online representation (portfolio, website) can be quite impressive but it is best to inquire with family, friends, acquaintances and former clients with whom the architect has undertaken a project. They will be able to elucidate their experiences, good or bad. Such steps will provide an overall understanding of an architect.

It is recommended to meet in person. A quick conversation with them would give you more confidence. This paves the way for the understanding of the person and their skill and greed in their work.

Select the manufacturer:

Finding the right builder is going to be an arduous and intense task because the number of builders on the market is one too many, but which would be the most reliable of all. This is one of the most critical elements because they are the ones that will give real shape to your dream. It must be a prudent decision after careful market research to identify the builder who can provide the best quality of construction, materials, on-time delivery, etc. The analysis can be performed on the basis of the following criteria; experience, number of completed and ongoing projects, quality of workmanship, accreditation and licensing depending on your interests.

Before going ahead, first draft the contractual agreement with the builder with said budgets which will include the entire construction inventory. It should be done legally, which avoids any future fuss between each other.

Understand the rules of government

There are building rules and regulations that must be followed before embarking on any construction. Each state has a distinctive set of rules regarding connection to electricity, digging boreholes, sewage systems, building height, and more. Therefore, knowing the rules and regulations in advance can avoid heavy penalties from the government that can derail construction work. It is best to get the required government approvals before starting construction to avoid unforeseen problems.

The author, Sanchit Gaurav, is founder and CEO of Housejoy. Opinions expressed are personal

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