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Ultrapanel accepted in the Federation of House Builders – Show House

Ultrapanel Building Technologies, designer and manufacturer of the award-winning Ultrapanel room-in-the-roof system, has been accepted into the highly prestigious federation of home builders.

The Home Builders Federation is the representative body for the home building industry in England and Wales, with member companies representing around 80% of all new homes built in England and Wales. The Federation works hard to ensure that senior politicians and government officials are aware of the housing issues and challenges facing its members, as well as to “work with government to ensure the introduction of housing policies that facilitate the supply of housing, in a way that is feasible for the industry’.

Commenting on the recent acceptance of the Efficient Roof System into the Home Builders Federation, Ultrapanel Managing Director John Hough said: “We are delighted that Ultrapanel has been accepted into the Home Builders Federation. . The HBF is highly respected and our membership means we are now part of the most powerful and trusted voice in the building industry when speaking to government, politicians and regulators. The work of the Home Builders Federation has become more important than ever since the start of the pandemic and we are extremely proud to be part of it now. »

Manufactured off-site and delivered as a flat-packed ‘piece in the roof’ kit, Ultrapanel’s innovative and accredited modern construction method is the most efficient end-to-end construction method. Materials, manufacturing and workmanship are optimized to deliver structural and thermal performance in a much lighter, simpler and faster construction system with a high quality finish every time.

The palletized Ultrapanel is quickly assembled and requires no heavy lifting equipment. Thanks to short call times and a reliable and responsive supply chain, the Ultrapanel “room in the roof” offers significant program gains in high-traffic sites. The system is scalable to meet new legislative requirements and, as skylights and stairs can be placed anywhere in a home’s design, it offers complete design flexibility.

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