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Three bedrooms have been remodeled for £ 717 in this budget home renovation

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  • Dressing up one room at a time is enough for most of us, but this brave mom turned three – and on a tight budget!

    After spending large sums of money on renovating her previous home, Mel Hamblett from Gloucester took on the challenge of brainstorming bathroom ideas to revamp her en-suite bathroom and downstairs cloakroom. , plus his spare bedroom to boot, all for you £ 717 in total.

    As a lover of colorful interiors, Mel often shows her home on Instagram, offering ways to add character and style to new construction to transform any interior design scheme.

    “We started renovating some of the other rooms in our house, including our master bedroom and living room, which included more expensive upgrades such as fitted wardrobes, sofas and new flooring,” Mel said. to financial experts ABC Finance.

    “Once I started renovating my house, I wanted to line up other rooms with our colorful style, but we didn’t have a big budget so we had to find ways to update ourselves with it. a tight budget. “

    “I love finding great deals on Facebook Marketplace and eBay and recycling them with paint and patterned vinyl,” she continues. “Over the past two years, I’ve learned a lot about DIY to save money on hiring artisans, and I always look for discount codes before I buy anything online.”

    Front room

    Image credit: @wholenewbuild

    Let’s start with Mel’s guest bedroom, which you can see looked a bit drab. “I had tried to give the room a nautical theme, but it never felt quite right and over time it became a dumping ground,” says Mel. “We even used it as a temporary home for an old sofa at one point! “

    Room after

    Image credit: @wholenewbuild

    You can barely recognize the room, with its colorful bedroom ideas, quirky accessories and patterned walls.

    “I was heavily inspired by another Instagrammer who has a teal bed with pops of similar color,” says Mel. “My husband thought the color scheme I had chosen would be too vivid, but showing him pictures of his bedroom he became more on board and trusted my idea.”

    Mel used white paint to brighten up and freshen up the walls. She then covered one of the walls with Dalmatian-print stickers from eBay and came up with upcycled furniture ideas to transform existing rooms.

    The old telephone table, for example, was in Mel’s hallway. After giving it a lick of paint in blue, pink and yellow and covering the shelf with a sample wallpaper, it now looks completely different.

    “Really, the only ‘new’ thing in the room is Dunelm’s bed, which cost £ 230 with a discount code,” she says.

    Image credit: @wholenewbuild

    Across the room, some prints form a small accent wall, while an old pine mirror was recycled using Frenchic’s Plum Pudding paint. The entire room cost £ 364.99 in total, with blinds by The Range, bedding by B&M and neon by Dunelm putting the finishing touches.

    Front bathroom

    Image credit: @wholenewbuild

    Mel’s neutral-colored bathroom was next to shine and you can see the beginnings of it here with a tester paint color on the wall by the sink.

    “The inspiration for this room came from an Airbnb we stayed in a few years ago in Croyde, North Devon,” she says. “They had mixed lime green with slate and we thought it made a nice light and bright bathroom.”

    Bathroom after

    Image credit: @wholenewbuild

    Not one for the faint-hearted, this vibrant scheme is a master class in bathroom color schemes that make a huge statement.

    “We used Dulux’s Kiwi Crush color to paint the walls and I updated our silver shower stall with black electrical tape to give it the effect of a Crittall door,” says Mel. “It’s easily removable should we ever change our mind on this look.”

    Image credit: @wholenewbuild

    Lust Home’s jungle-themed Mowgli wallpaper adds a tropical vibe across the room, and wood accents and woven baskets provide natural touches to the room. Incredibly, Mel’s bathroom only cost her £ 128 to update!

    Front cloakroom

    Image credit: @wholenewbuild

    Finally, it was in Mel’s downstairs locker room bathroom, which didn’t match her usual colorful style.

    “The bedroom had become a common joke among friends, as a result of some terrible decorating job that I didn’t long after moving in,” she says. “Without any DIY experience, I had chosen the wrong bright blue paint and had done a terrible decoupage job. I tried to cover up my mistakes with white paint and soon after we had a baby so he stuck around and became known as the ‘cloud toilet’! ‘

    “I ended up painting on it with leftover brown paint that we had in the garage and although it covered up the ‘cloud’ effect, it was not an attractive color. “

    Cloakroom after

    Image credit: @wholenewbuild

    Now a pink paradise, with wall panels, colorful animal print wallpaper, and contrasting floor tiles, the small space has received a huge boost in style stakes.

    “After improving my DIY skills, I fell in love with a wallpaper called Wild Thing Brights by Lust Home, which is a multi-colored leopard print pattern, and I knew it would be perfect for brightening up an embarrassing washroom! Mel said.

    For the idea of ​​the wall panels, Mel hired a local lumber merchant to have his MDF panels cut to measure. “It was very reasonable and I still have a huge sheet of MDF left for another project,” she says.

    “I then matched the colors of the panels to the same pink that featured in the paper and used leftover adhesive wall tile from a previous cycle to cover the beiges behind the sink. “

    Image credit: @wholenewbuild

    Covering the old floor was easy – Mel simply added a powder blue patterned vinyl floor from For The Floor & More to complete the look. This final makeover cost £ 224 – a steal considering how different it is.

    “Not all of us have the budget for a home with high ceilings and period character, but with a little DIY courage, the ways to add your cachet to a new build are endless,” explains Email.

    We couldn’t agree more.

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