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The nine most popular house models on Dezeen

We have posted thousands of beautiful homes since Dezeen was founded. To mark our ninth anniversary today, we’re revisiting the nine that were most popular with our readers (+ slideshow).

House in Nakameguro by Level Architects

First posted on Dezeen in 2011, this Tokyo house is the most popular house we’ve ever released, thanks to one key feature: a giant curved slide that connects all three floors. It also has a double height deck that doubles as a ballpoint pen for the guest’s children. Learn more about this project »

Theater house by Aboday

Theater house by Aboday

Second on our list is another house with a built-in slide, this time encased in concrete and connecting the children’s playroom to the kitchen. The house is in Jakarta, Indonesia, and is almost fully open. Learn more about this project »

Maison Mirage by Kois Associated Architects


This house with a spectacular rooftop infinity pool is yet to be built, but it’s one of the most read projects we’ve ever posted. The cave house is designed for a site on the Greek island of Tinos. Learn more about this project »

Holman House by Durbach Block Jaggers

Holman House by Durbach Block Jaggers

A painting by Picasso inspired this clifftop house near Sydney, Australia, which is fourth on our list. The curved shapes of the kitchen and living room protrude from the edge of the cliff, supported by four angled stilts. Learn more about this project »

Optical Glass House by Hiroshi Nakamura

Optical Glass House by Hiroshi Nakamura

Dezeen’s fifth most popular house is in Hiroshima, Japan, and features a glittering glass brick facade. The wall offers a glimpse of a plant-filled courtyard that acts as a buffer between the busy street and the private living spaces beyond. Learn more about this project »

Maison Slim by Alma-nac

Maison Slim by Alma-nac

Not technically a new home, but a major overhaul of an existing building, this ultra-slim London home was designed by local studio Alma-nac. The land previously gave access to stables behind two larger houses. Learn more about this project »

Garden and House by Ryue Nishizawa


Japanese architect Ryue Nishizawa designed the seventh most popular house in the past nine years for two writers. The five-story, four-meter-wide townhouse in Tokyo is preceded by a stack of gardens. Learn more about this project »

Cat Hill Barn Conversion by Snook Architects

Cat Hill Grange by Snook Architects

The eighth is this conversion of a dilapidated 18th century barn in Yorkshire, northern England, to create a family home with a double height kitchen. The idyllic photography of snow helped make it one of Dezeen’s most popular stories last year. Learn more about this project »

Casa 11 Mujeres by Mathias Klotz


Rounding out the list in ninth position is Casa 11 Mujeres (House of Eleven Women) by Mathias Klotz, a clifftop house near Santiago, Chile that we first released in 2008. Built as the house of vacation for a family with 11 daughters, the house is built on a 45 degree slope, resulting in spectacular overhangs. Learn more about this project »

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