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The best home builders in Sydney

Are you ready to start building a house or investment property in Sydney, but don’t know where to start? Calling on the services of a specialized development or construction company to benefit from its expertise may be an option to consider.

Top 5 Home Builders in Sydney, NSW

The best home builders for 2020/21 were revealed by housing industry experts HIA in their HIA-Colorbond Steel Housing 100 Report. The report details the top builders nationally and by state, based on the number of homes they started working on throughout the year (new housing starts). For the top five builders in New South Wales, according to the report, see below:

1. MJH Group

MJH Group has been around for over 30 years, focusing on residential housing for Australian families, as well as investing and building semi-detached properties. The construction group owns several brands, including McDonald Jones Homes, Mojo Homes and Brighton. Japanese company Asahi Kasei Homes increased its stake in MJH Group from 40% to 80% in April 2021, around the time the construction start window under the HomeBuilder program was extended.

MJH Group is the third largest builder in the country, according to HIA, and began 2,523 constructions in New South Wales in 2020/21. Across the country, it started 4,548 new constructions.

2. Meriton Apartments

Meriton Apartments is focused on the design, development and construction of apartments in some of Sydney’s most popular locations. It was founded by billionaire real estate developer Harry Triguboff. Statistics from the HIA show that it is currently the 19th largest home builder in Australia and the third largest apartment builder.

Meriton Apartments started 1,202 constructions in New South Wales in 2020/21.

3. Parkview constructions

Parkview is a private construction group based in Sydney. In addition to building residential apartment complexes, Parkview has also completed construction projects in other sectors such as senior care, retail and industry.

Parkview began 1,178 new home construction in New South Wales in 2020/21, all multi-unit complexes.

4. Masterton

Masterton specializes in residential construction, whether it is project homes, custom design, double occupancy homes or investor style homes. It is also marketed under the names of Masterton Homes, Masterton Constructions, New Living Homes and New Edge Homes.

Masterton started 1,005 constructions in New South Wales in 2020/21.

5. Clarendon Residential Group

The Clarendon Group has been around for over 40 years and builds a wide range of homes including new homes and show homes. The Group operates under several brands, including Clarendon Residential, Domaine Homes, Clarendon Homes, CPG Developments, CPG Australia, Greenway Homes, CPG Estates and Somerset Estate.

The Clarendon Residential Group started exactly 1,000 homes in 2020/21 in NSW.

What is happening in the Sydney construction market?

Data on construction approvals for August from the Australian Bureau of Statistics showed New South Wales saw a 2.3% month-over-month decline in the number of homes approved for construction, this which could be attributed to the ongoing lockdowns in Sydney and elsewhere in the state throughout this month.

When it comes to home sales, CoreLogic recently reported that Sydney homes had the highest level of lucrative sales since 1982, at 97.6%.

The median value of a home in Sydney is currently $ 1,010,000, according to CoreLogic analysis, more than double the median value of a home in Perth.

The best home builders in other cities

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