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Redrow showcases the latest home designs in Frenchay

Frenchay Park

Redrow Homes has unveiled a series of new three-story home designs at its Frenchay Gardens development in north Bristol in response to growing demand for more flexible living space.

The three-level properties move away from the developer’s usual heritage homes, which take inspiration from the arts and crafts movement of the 1920s and 1930s and follow a more traditional two-story design.

Redrow Southwest Sales Manager Hannah Pollard says the home builder moves with the times, producing homes more suited to the demands of modern living.

Over the past 10 years, the number of three-story houses has increased, which in existing buildings has been largely achieved through the conversion of lofts.

A Nationwide Building Society report showed that a house extension or loft conversion could increase a property’s value by around 22%, or £ 42,700, while adding an additional bedroom of Decent size has the potential to increase a home’s value by 11%. , or £ 22,100.

However, loft conversions can also be expensive and fraught with difficulty, with 36% of merchants reporting them as the most problematic of home improvements, according to Direct Line Home Insurance.

Hannah said, “Living on three floors is becoming an increasingly popular option for home buyers and builders because it offers a number of great benefits. In the UK, where building space is limited, it offers a much more efficient use of that space. The three story properties offer much more floor space and additional rooms without requiring a larger footprint. Having rooms spread over three floors offers much greater flexibility in home layout and interior design.

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