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Perth 2 story home builders design and build affordable homes that are unique, sturdy and functional

Central Avenue Homes follows a proven process of designing and building homes for affordable homes in Perth, WA. Its 6-step process delivers homes that reflect the owner’s vision. To date, this company has built over 500 custom homes for satisfied customers.

According to announcements posted by Central Avenue Homes and Greg Grainger, these 2 story home builders in Perth bring rich experience and a creative touch to every project.

She designs affordable two-story houses in Perth that take into account the client’s lifestyle, requirements and budget. It takes into account the expense at each step and uses the best materials available in this range. The experts at Central Avenue Homes know what to look for when purchasing materials. She has decades of industry experience and leverages her relationships with suppliers and manufacturers for the benefit of a customer.

This company’s in-house designers avoid standardized floor plans and prepare one after understanding the client’s needs. They educate new owners on the best way to use a two-story home. Possible uses include children’s bedrooms, media rooms, additional living space, guest rooms, etc.

The 6-step process followed by Central Avenue Homes includes the following steps: design and cost assessment, preliminary agreement, development approval, pre-start meeting, approval, and construction and construction contracts.

The first step takes into account the design, flow, layout and cost. Customers gain insight into the main features of traditional and lightweight construction methods. The preliminary agreement puts everything on paper.

Central Avenue Homes is liaising with local authorities to obtain approval for the new development. Future owners don’t have to worry about taking the legwork to get this job done. The company is one of the best builders in town for small, narrow or sloping blocks. He has the knowledge to handle all types of developments and is one of the few home builders in Perth who can build homes using FastBuild, a safe and reliable technique for building two story homes cheaply and quickly. FastBuild does not involve the use of scaffolding, which reduces the cost of the project.

For more information, visit https://centralavenuehomes.com.au/custom-building-services/double-storey-homes/

Greg Grainger of Central Avenue Homes said, “Central Avenue Homes offers our clients a unique one-on-one experience by dealing directly with the designer and builder – something that sets us apart from other builders in Perth. Our level of expertise means we are exceptionally skilled when it comes to handling extraordinary projects – whether it’s a narrow or sloping block, integrated collaboration or development. multi-storey complex. We design custom homes with decades of experience to build on, starting with your vision and your budget. Every project we embark on is a collaboration – working directly with the designer and builder, we find the right path to bring your dream home to life, leveraging our extensive relationships with the industry to deliver very competitive prices on all aspects of construction.

Simply put, our mission is to make your vision a reality. And with detailed up-front costs for each build, you’ll be informed every step of the way. We’ve learned that the most important thing for our clients is flexibility – the freedom to explore different building methods and determine what works best for their lifestyle. At Central Avenue Homes, we’ve worked hard to harness traditional and alternative building methods, with the help of trusted partners in the building industry.

About the company:

Central Avenue Homes designs and builds homes in Western Australia. The company specializes in two story houses, multi story dwellings, to demolish and build, and build to lock in the background. It uses innovative techniques to complement traditional building styles and builds affordable yet stylish housing for its clients.

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Company Name: Houses of the central avenue
Contact: Greg Grainger
E-mail: Send an email
Telephone: +61 8 9456 3366
Address:1/27 Erceg Road Yangebup
City: Yangebup
State: WA 6164
Country: Australia
Website: https://centralavenuehomes.com.au/

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