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Perfect cottage designs for couples

One of the first questions people ask about Mini Houses is how the dwellers of Mini Houses can engage in normal life things like, say, having a significant other. But as evidenced by these cleverly spacious tiny homes, some of which were designed for real couples, it is entirely possible. Without further ado, here are five tiny houses with plenty of room for love.

A small house with double cupboards in the “bedroom”

With two people living together, you can never go wrong with more storage. The “Moon dragon“of Zyl Vardos delivers exactly that with a pair of closets flanking the entrance to the loft, which has additional headroom with a 5.5 foot high vaulted ceiling. The company is not taking new construction orders at this time, but may open its queue in the future.

A small house with a separate bedroom that also turns into a workspace

Photos: Driftwood Homes United States

The 280 square foot Tiny House “Indigo” Driftwood Homes United States (whose website is now offline) allows lovers some privacy with a separate bedroom at the back, in addition to a loft bed for guests. Better yet, the murphy bed in the bedroom can actually turn into a bar workspace for two.

Double tiny dwellings so you can live small and stay sane

Is living with another person in a small space just too much? Maybe something like this pair of “Zen Houses” through Petr Stolin Architekt is a happy compromise. The two 10-foot-wide volumes include a living space in one and a two-story workspace in the other, as well as a small outdoor lounge in between. That’s a lot of options for time together and alone.

A small house with an integrated climbing wall …

Because couples who sweat together stay together, right? It’s a custom design through Little inheritance for amateur climbing owners Breck and Kelsey. Another highlight is a garage style door that opens the house to the outside. Tiny Heirloom’s custom base template packages start at $ 89,000.

A small house with room for a family (pets)

The Base camp Oregon engineers Tina and Luke Orlando show that a tiny house is not only doable for a couple, but also with a few extra furry friends included. Their 200 square foot design incorporates pet friendly features like multiple kennels and built-in food and water bowls. The rooftop terrace is also neat, perfect for romantic drinks under the stars or, you know, a little respite if needed. You can order the Tiny House Basecamp for as little as $ 35,000 for the hull or up to $ 77,000 for the turnkey model. Plans are available for To download free.

Watch: A Tiny House Escape in the Catskills

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