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Northern Colorado Home Builders Association Foundation builds bed frames to donate to NoCo children in need – Loveland Reporter-Herald

In north Loveland on Thursday afternoon, the sounds of music could be heard amid the hum of saws, drills and sanders as the Northern Colorado Home Builders Association Foundation and several local volunteers spent the morning preparing picture frames bed to build and give to those in need.

The NOCO HBA Foundation is considered the “charitable arm” of the association and operates as a non-profit organization to help those in need.

Kristie Schoellerman, chair of the foundation’s board of directors, said that although the foundation has been around for many years, it received new energy last November, launching new projects across the region.

She said that upon learning of the need for beds for many people in the county, the council discussed the idea of ​​making and donating bed frames as well as mattresses, pillows and sheets to those in need. needed. She said board members agreed the idea was a “slam dunk.”

“It seemed natural for a group of builders to build something,” she said Thursday morning.

The foundation then contacted the Loveland Chapter of Sleep in Heavenly Peace, a national volunteer organization dedicated to “building, assembling and providing world-class bunk beds to children and families in need,” according to their website. Web.

Ray Bradford, Loveland Chapter co-chair, says they are working in northern Colorado to provide beds to those in need through an online request system. The beds are then brought home and built from parts prepared on site.

“It is an invisible need,” he said. “Many children can spend their day with everything else and have no place to sleep, have no real place to call their own.”

LOVELAND, CO – August 12, 2021: Shannon McDermott of Baessler Homes, left, and Shellie Trierweiler, board member of the Northern Colorado House Builder Association, right, work on chunks of lumber during a construction of beds in North Loveland August 12, 2021 The construction of the bed frame took place all morning on August 12, with volunteers working in different teams. (Austin Fleskes / Loveland Reporter-Herald)

After several months of planning, fundraising and shopping, the foundation gathered on Thursday morning to assemble the bed frames. Volunteers from across northern Colorado gathered at a parking lot donated by a Loveland company to assemble the bed frames for donation.

Volunteers spent the afternoon grinding around an impromptu workspace, providing space for saws to cut wood into pieces, put them together, stain them, and hang them to dry.

Deb Alles, a volunteer from southern Fort Collins, said she has volunteered a lot throughout her life.

“Being involved in the community is a priority,” she said.

Several HBA and HBA Foundation members were also out Thursday morning to help prepare the beds.

“It’s always important to give back to our community,” said Cassy Torres, chair of the board of directors for the NOCO HBA. “And that’s the point here.”

Jane Spencer, foundation treasurer as well as local RE / MAX agent, said it’s important for the foundation to give back to the community in a meaningful way.

Schoellerman said that although they planned to build 50 bed frames, they were on track to build around 70. She said the whole plan is something that could make a big difference in the community. .

“We all agreed as a group that this was a really important thing,” Schoellerman said.

“It not only helps fill a bed, but for a lot of these kids it gives them their own personal space that they can be safe in,” Bradford said.

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