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New home builders notice supply shortage due to COVID-19

The housing market is doing better than ever during this pandemic. As homes are bought and many people continue to build, COVID-19 has created an ongoing problem for new home builders.

KX News Anchor and first-time homebuilder Becky Farr said, “We always have a roof over our heads and everything is fine. You know, it’s exciting and when you have something to heart and you find that it’s pushed back two weeks, then another two weeks, it’s overwhelming.

Becky and her husband, Dane, have been planning their new home since late last summer. They spent countless hours and budgeted to make it perfect for them.

They broke new ground in April and were supposed to have it all done by September, but COVID-19 had another plan for them.

Becky said, “The foundation and everything went smoothly, but that was when we started. Now, when the house ‘starts to look like a house and that thing’, the siding and the windows all of that was ordered late.

Farr told KX News that the most frustrating thing about it all was the domino effect he created for everything else.

“If your windows aren’t in place, you can’t do the next step. If your siding isn’t in it, you can’t do the next step, ”Becky said. “And when the house starts to look like such a house right now but we can’t move in, it’s frustrating.”

They had to choose different materials and settle on things like their second choice in the counters in hopes of speeding up the process.

These wait times are also frustrating for builders. Owner of Diversity Homes, Jason Frank told KX News he never really had to do something like this before.

“It’s hard for me, as a builder, to do what I do and come up to me and make them say, ‘Hey, your siding is going to be in two months. And it’s like we ordered it a month ago, so why is it three months in total? In my business it’s like we just want to move forward and we want to make sure the customer gets what we say they’re going to get and when that pushes our time it’s something that I don’t ‘ve never seen it before, ”Frank said.

Becky and Frank both know this is a problem no one can control either.

“It’s not the supplier’s fault either,” Becky said. “It’s just that they don’t know when everything will be delivered and I don’t know the whole process, but I know it’s because of the coronavirus issues.”

Frank added: “It’s a little daunting and scary, but I think we’ll fix it all before long.”

The last supply shortage Frank saw was in concrete almost 10 years ago.

Luckily for Becky and Dane, they didn’t have to spend extra money – just extra time. Becky’s biggest tip to other new home builders is to not only have a Plan B, but also a Plan C and D.

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