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Money trumps environment as Oklahoma home builders kill proposed energy conservation code

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Oklahoma builders recently rejected proposals to make state building codes more environmentally friendly, according to Oklahoman reporter Richard Mize. Ultimately, after months of working in committee to make energy conservation as important as other building standards, the Oklahoma Home Builders Association said it was against it because greening the building. code would cost them and homebuyers money.

Mike Means, executive vice president, said the association opposes the changes because it is a terrible time to do anything that increases the cost of building homes, and therefore the prices paid by buyers. of houses.

“Oklahoma, like every other state, has seen a huge escalation in demand, which has caused prices to rise rapidly. Incomes have not grown as quickly,” he said. “This poses an affordability issue. The costs associated with increasing our energy codes do not have the appropriate return on investment in our view.

“For example, the simple proposed increase in wall insulation cuts costs from $ 1,000 to $ 2,000 and saves about $ 14 per year in energy costs.”

Travis Davidson, COO of Homes By Taber, described the concerns of builders at a virtual committee meeting on June 21, according to the meeting minutes. Homes By Taber, along with Ideal Homes & Neighborhoods and a few other construction companies, already meet or exceed Code Green specifications.

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