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KPU set to recalculate 2024 election budget: House member

The budget proposed by the KPU will be recalculated for more efficiency

Jakarta (ANTARA) – Indonesian House of Representatives Commission II member Guspardi Gaus has called for recalculating the 2024 election budget proposed by the General Elections Commission (KPU) worth $ 86.2 trillion rupees to prioritize efficiency.

“The budget proposed by the KPU will be recalculated for more efficiency. In principle, the budget should be rational, objective, efficient and effective,” Gaus noted in his statement received here Tuesday.

The House member noted that the 2024 general election budget tripled from the 2019 election budget due to three factors: election officials’ salaries, office infrastructure and vehicle operation.

The 2014 election budget reached around 16 trillion rupees, while the 2019 election budget increased to around 27 trillion rupees and the proposed election budget for 2024 was around 86,200 billion rupees.

“The KPU needs to be creative and innovative in planning the 2024 election budget,” Gaus noted.

Gaus also called on the electoral commission to show consideration given the conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic and economic circumstances that have yet to recover, while proposing the 2024 election budget.

Gaus noted that in a recent discussion, the KPU chairman indicated that 70 percent of the total proposed budget was for honoraria.

“If calculated, it means that 60 trillion rupees is only used for fees. Indeed, the KPU has proposed the fees of ad hoc agency agents based on the regional minimum wage (UMR) in their respective regions, ”he said.

It was proposed to increase the fees of the sub-district electoral commission (PPK), the electoral commission (PPS) and the working commissions of the polling stations (KPPS) according to the regional minimum wage (UMR) of the constituency or city concerned.

The skyrocketing budget for the 2024 general election, proposed by the commission, also covers the purchase of office infrastructure, worth around 3.2 trillion rupees, according to Gaus.

“However, the KPU does not need to build a new office and can use buildings and / or warehouses that are not used by the district / city and provincial governments,” he suggested.

According to Gaus, the electoral commission should have approached the Home Secretary, as head of regional chiefs, to facilitate communication for local government home loans.

In addition, Gaus said that the purchase of the means of mobility, which amounted to around 287 billion rupees, was significant enough.

He suggested that the KPU find other methods or use existing cars.

Gaus noted that House Committee II will soon discuss the 2024 election budget in more detail with the government and election organizers in the near future.

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