Home builders

HIA reveals the best home builders for 2021

^ Source: HIA Economics, ranked by number of housing starts

HIA chief economist Tim Reardon said it was a remarkable year, impacted by the construction boom and lack of overseas migration.

“The majority of builders increased their number of housing starts in 2020-2021 compared to the previous year. Those who didn’t were more likely to be in the multi-unit market,” he said.

“In this market, it’s no surprise that single-detached homebuilders have dominated the list of Australia’s most active homebuilders.

“The largest apartment builder in this year’s report was Hutchies, which ranked fifth among the most active builders overall.

“They are one of only three apartment builders in the top 20 this year.”

The best builder for 2021 started on 5,820 single-family homes and 232 semi-detached homes. The strongest market growth for Metricon was seen in Queensland, up 95% from 604 housing starts to 1,177 housing starts.

Metricon Chief Executive Mario Biasin said he recognizes our privileged position in an economic climate that has been difficult for so many others.

“The federal government’s HomeBuilder program, lower interest rates, and increased consumer desire to live in new homes, often away from high-density areas, have facilitated a huge surge in demand for new single-detached homes,” Biasin said.

“Our construction site has increased by 33% year over year, which represents 1,518 additional families building a new home with us this year or 29 additional families every week.”