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From the Inside: Zombie Haven Designs, Poe Cottage, UFO Architecture, Small in Seattle, Steve Jobs Minimalism at Home

Zombies are everywhere you look.

Zombie Safe House:

In a time when zombies have infiltrated even Jane Austen’s novels, what everyone needs is a zombie-proof home, right? Well, there’s a design competition that has attracted a number of imaginative entries with the aim of protecting the living from the living dead. Read

and check out the

If you want to weigh in, don’t delay — voting ends October 31.

Poe’s Cottage:

Still in the vein of Halloween, the town cottage where


is about to undergo a complete renovation; school groups have already started to visit.

The New York Times describes it:

It was a poorhouse, with tiny rooms and low ceilings when Edgar Allan Poe lived there more than 160 years ago, when residing in what later became the Bronx meant breathing fresh country air.

The old farmhouse where Poe moved in 1846 with his wife, Virginia, and his mother was the scene of difficult times for the poet. He went bankrupt and his wife, suffering from tuberculosis, soon died in a downstairs room measuring just 8 by 8 feet.

And yet, the story ends:

With the newly restored house, one can see how this one-and-a-half-story dwelling might have served as a model for the one Poe himself wrote about in “Landor’s Cottage,” his latest short story: “In fact, nothing could to be simpler – more unassuming than this cottage. Its wondrous effect lay entirely in its artistic arrangement as a painting. I might have believed, looking at it, that some eminent landscape painter had imagined it with his brush.”


UFO Architecture:

If you see any tricksters dressed as aliens this Halloween, you might want to take a look to make sure they’re not real.

space aliens have been with us for a long time. Author

structures inspired by UFOs.

Small in Seattle:

An architect and her husband have remodeled their outdated 1950s home —


increasing its size by 600 square feet. The couple’s budget was tight – $25,000 – and they did much of the work themselves. The results are exceptional. Check

stevejobs.jpgSteve Jobs during his presentation at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco in June. He died on October 5.

Steve Jobs, minimalist:

The late Apple founder arguably did more than anyone to declutter our homes, thanks to the iPod, which made those big stereo cabinets obsolete.

It seems that Jobs was also a minimalist in home and kitchen design. Even 18 years ago, when the average size of American homes was steadily increasing, he valued smallness, according to the story of the designer who drew him a kitchen plan.