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5 best Minecraft house designs for the Nether

The Nether is a fiery and dangerous realm in Minecraft. Filled with lava oceans and populated by a seemingly endless array of hostile mobs, Minecraft’s Nether doesn’t seem like a great place for a home.

Yet despite the kingdom’s hostility, many players have found ways to settle in the Nether. One way to do this is to build houses. These can be used as bases, storage or temporary homes. Keeping the constraints of the Nether in mind, players can build amazingly unique homes.

Here is a list of the five best Minecraft house designs for the Nether.

5 amazing Minecraft house designs for the Nether

5) The design of the Nether house by Greg Builds

Whether used as a base or as a storage space, this house design is perfect for Minecraft players who want to establish a presence in the game’s Nether. It features two floors connected by a ladder and is constructed primarily from materials found in the Nether.

4) Folli’s simple starting house in the Nether

This starter house is mostly made up of materials found in the Crimson Forests and Warped Forests of Minecraft. While these biomes can be found in the Nether, players will also need to access the Overworld if they wish to include the more decorative elements of this build.

3) AdieCraft Nether Lava Mill

This build incorporates the abundance of lava from the Nether into its design. Players who decide to build this lava mill on their own will need access to a lava source as well as other materials from Minecraft’s Overworld and Nether.

This house also has a small patio, which can be both a picturesque addition and a strategic point of defense.

2) IrieGenie’s Comfortable Nether Base

This base is intended to be built in the Warped Nether Forest biome. Unfortunately, players will need to gather materials from across the realm for its completion. Cozy and cozy, this Nether Home has almost everything players will need to survive and even includes a Netherwart Garden.

1) NotNotBrock’s Nether starter base

Pretty and practical, this Nether house includes everything players need to survive. It does have specific location requirements, however, as it is integrated into the Nether Basalt Delta biome.

Players will need a lot of basalt and black stone blocks to build it, as well as more rare materials from the Overworld and Nether realms of Minecraft.

Regardless of the preference, Minecraft’s Nether can be a great place for players to build their ideal homes.

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